7 Gorgeous Austin Wedding Venues You Don’t Want To Miss

June 11, 2020

When searching for the best Austin wedding venues, it can be a little tricky – because there’s so many to choose from. But after all my years as an Austin wedding photographer, I want to be able to guide you down the right path and simplify those options for you.

Let’s hop straight into it, shall we?

My favorite Austin wedding venues

And by Austin, I mean the surrounding area. Because when it comes to your wedding day, a short drive may be worth it to get exactly what you’re looking for.

What I’ll do is break these down alphabetically, too. Because they’re all part of my favorites list for various reasons. 

First up…

Antebellum Oaks

The white walls, the black roofs, the immaculate design, the attention to detail, and the charming property. All around, the Antebellum Oaks wedding venue has everything you could need in a wedding venue – and it does it with southern class.


Blue Hills Ranch

As one of the newer venues in the area, I really only need to say two things to grab your attention here about Blue Hills Ranch: giraffes and helicopters. I mean come on. Make sure to book a tour for this wedding venue and see what unique things they have to offer.


Brodie Homestead

This historic venue right in Austin is one that you should be putting on your short-list as well, especially if you are looking for that rustic charm with a modern spin. And if you’re having a larger wedding, it can seat up to 250 guests, which is unique just by itself in the area! It’s stunning.

Driskell Hotel

If you’re wanting the more city-urban vibe, then the famous Driskell Hotel might be up your alley (pun intended). Get that classic aesthetic with beautiful architecture surrounding you around every corner.

Le San Michele

One for the ages. The Le San Michele wedding venue is sitting on 12 acres, has a beautiful 2-story house, and a stunning outdoor terrace that makes for a beautiful backdrop both in the day as well as the night when the tea lights come on and the candles are lit. And this is one of those unique wedding venues that makes you feel like you aren’t even in Texas at all because of both the grounds and the architecture. It really is beautiful, and you must check it out in person to truly understand what I mean.

Lone Oak Barn

It’s a modern barn and property that likes to keep things simple. And that’s why they offer all-inclusive packages that help you do exactly that. And within their own preferred vendors’ list, it can streamline most of your decisions. So, if that’s the experience you’re looking for with your special day, make sure to check out Lone Oak Barn.

Pecan Springs Ranch

On 17 acres just 10 minutes west of Austin, the Pecan Springs Ranch wedding venue has that Texas Hill Country charm, but blended so well with the modern amenities that you’re going to want for your wedding day. And no matter the weather, this venue has beautiful indoor and outdoor locations that are super photogenic.

Villa Antonia

Where do I even start with the Villa Antonia wedding venue other than by saying WOW! So beautiful. So … extravagant. And because it’s able to seat over 200 guests, it can be perfect for nearly any size of wedding. Plus, the views from this hillside of the Texas Hill Country are one to dream about. And since it has both indoor and outdoor ceremony & reception sites available, you really can’t go wrong. Seriously amazing. Check it out.

Vintage Villas

Views, views, views. That’s what really grabbed my attention with this Austin wedding venue, and I’m sure that’s what will grab yours as well. And if you’re worried about your guests drinking and driving from your wedding day, know that this wedding venue has that covered — because the Vintage Villas is also a hotel. Have a drive up there, then look down on Lake Travis from your ceremony site.

Vista West Ranch

While not technically in Austin, the Vista West Ranch event venue is that perfect blend of being industrial, rustic, and modern. And yes, it sounds like it’s an impossible blend, but just have a quick look at their website to see what I mean.

No matter what, there are so many different Austin wedding venues to choose from. And this list was only a handful of locations that I think are really beautiful and that could serve you well.

If you want to chat about any of these venues more in depth, have any questions about anything, or want to hear my personal experiences – just reach out to me using the contact form on my website. As always, I am here to help with anything I can.

I want to be your Austin wedding photographer. Let’s make it happen!

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