The Best Austin Wedding Photographer

June 10, 2020

Okay, well it might not be official because of a popularity contest or local award, I think I am pretty darn cool, haha. But when it comes to your wedding day, I really do want you to hire the best Austin wedding photographer. And I mean that with absolute sincerity because you are getting married one time, and you will have one day to capture some of the most important memories to look back on… 

And that’s where I come in.

I want to be your wedding photographer in Austin.

Regardless of if you actually get married within the city limits, out in Dripping Springs, San Antonio, Kyle, Houston — or really anywhere around Texas… I want to be there for you as your wedding photographer.

And I want to help you as you navigate this crazy thing called wedding planning. There’s SO many things to think about, am I right?

But first, let me say a hig CONGRATULATIONS on getting engaged! It’s so exciting and there’s so many routes that you can go. And here’s where it all starts…

… with your own personality and your own vision.

Of course, that’s how most planning starts, but then family gets involved and all of a sudden your guest list of 60 turns into 150. And your catering budget just went up by 250%. And now you need a much larger wedding venue and all the other things that go along with it.

But you know what you want, and I would love to give you some insight about everything related to Austin weddings because… well, you’re an Austin bride!

Below, I’ll share with you some pro insight as to have a super fun, super gorgeous Austin wedding – straight from an Austin wedding photographer.

Tips on how to make the most out of your Austin wedding

Quick note – the below tips aren’t a completely exhaustive list, but I promise that it will help you get a quick start to help you with your Austin wedding planning.

First up…

The best wedding venues in Austin, TX

Of course, these are just my personal favorites, and they’re all favorites for different reasons. But absolutely, positively make sure to check out some of these amazing wedding venues:

  • Villa Antonia
  • Vintage Villas
  • Vista West Ranch
  • Driskill Hotel
  • The Caswell House
  • Pecan Springs Ranch
  • Palm Door on Sabine
  • Lone Oak Barn
  • Brodie Homestead
  • Le San Michele
  • Antebellum Oaks
  • And the list goes on. 

Make sure to check out my full article on wedding venues in Austin for more details!

Should you elope or should you have a larger, “traditional” wedding around Austin?

I get asked this question a lot. And I am totally happy to answer it for you!

Truly, this depends on two things. Your personality & your budget. Because if you aren’t doing a traditional wedding with 100+ guests, you can save a LOT of money. And when you save all that money from not having to book a huge resort, feed hundreds of people, and decorate that super large space – you can put more money into specific vendors (like your dream photographer, videographer, location) and your honeymoon. And what I’ve seen fairly often is that couples still have so much money left over that they are putting that savings into even buying their first house together.

But that big southern wedding can be a heck of a lot of FUN! All that energy, all those people, and all the bells & whistles & garlands to go along with it. They can be such an amazing time.

Bottom line, there’s no wrong path. There’s not one idea that is better than the other. They’re both beautiful in their own unique way.

Just remember to stick to your own plans – your own wedding dreams. After all, it’s your wedding day. Do it the way you want. 

No matter which wedding venue that you choose or your size of wedding, I am here for you as your Austin wedding photographer – and I can guide you along the way. 

Just reach out to me using the contact form on my website anytime. I would be so honored to be there for you and your special day.

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