Villa Antonia | The Most Gorgeous Wedding Venue in NW Austin

June 12, 2020

Imagine yourself getting swept away to the rolling hills of Tuscany for your gorgeous destination wedding – right alongside your closest friends and family. Sounds pretty ideal, right? Well, with the Texan Villa Antonia wedding venue, you can have exactly that. Minus the Italy part, of course.

And when you are searching for the best Austin or Dripping Springs wedding venues, the Villa Antonia wedding venue should definitely, positively, absolutely be on your shortlist.

It’s dripping with that Mediterranean aesthetic, but without any of the destination wedding price tag or logistics. And how does it get more perfect than that?

Here’s just a few reasons why I love Villa Antonia so much

It’s owner design, run and driven.

Antonia, the owner, wanted a very unique and stylish home in the Texas Hill Country and after many years of planning & dreaming, the home was constructed in 1999.

And after moving in and opening her doors, the word quickly spread about how gorgeous the property was. Naturally, many people wanted to get married onsite. And because Antonia (Toni) is so passionate about weddings and love in general, she agreed and has since turned the property into a wedding venue that is very well known in Texas.

The sheer experience of weddings that the venue has

Since it’s first wedding many years ago, the property has seen over 1700 events taken place. And that number is far greater than many of the newer competition in the hills. And experience by itself comes with an immense value because they have seen & heard it all. And when you’ve been through it, you know how to plan ahead, see ahead, and help ensure an important event goes incredibly smoothly. They’re also a member of The Knot’s Hall of Fame.

The gorgeous & stunning aesthetic of Villa Antonia

At some points of the property, it can feel like you’re in parts of Spain. In other parts, Italy. And in some parts, the jungle. But one thing about this venue is that you can crawl through all of their available wedding photos on their website, on Google, and on Pinterest… but when it comes to Villa Antonia, seeing is believing. 

They allow micro weddings and elopements

And when it comes to weddings past the world of COVID19, so many people are choosing to have a smaller guest count than previous to the pandemic. And because the villa has different packages to meet exactly what you are searching for, the flexibility is such an amazing thing to see that they offer. And micro weddings are so much fun! It’s just an extra perk that you get to save on catering and design costs!

There are really so many more reasons why Villa Antonia is worth it for you to at least book a tour and take a drive out into the hills. Make sure to visit their website for more details about everything.

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